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The OneTeam Leadership Experience for Healthcare

The Challenge

Healthcare is experiencing a nation-wide transformation. Future success will require a constant stream of innovative solutions for both patients and employees. The increasing demands and pressures placed on healthcare professionals have created an epidemic of burnout and disengagement. Building sustainable and effective resiliency solutions must be a priority for every healthcare organization.

The Program

The OneTeam Leadership Experience for Healthcare provides participants the opportunity to press pause and examine their current experience of their work and life. This introspective process reveals hidden internal barriers, patterns and blind spots that may be interfering with one’s ability to rejuvenate themselves from the demands of work. Forming a new and different type of foundation is the launch point for participants to begin experiencing greater satisfaction and life fulfillment.

Through deep insights and new found clarity, participants are able to establish deeply authentic ways of influencing their future. The freedom that results allows leaders to integrate all aspects of their lives for sustained fulfillment from their life and career.

OneTeam Leaders

Modern healthcare leaders must have the capability to powerfully lead themselves and their lives. Self-leadership includes attention to self-care, personal resiliency and the effective management of one’s life from an authentic core foundation. We call these type of professionals OneTeam Leaders.

They operate with a high level of purpose, core clarity, self-awareness, clear boundaries and personal management that includes a reliable process of rejuvenating themselves. They experience more satisfaction and full engagement – both at work and at home. OneTeam Leaders radiate powerful, positive influence and intentionally shape the future in every dimension of their lives.

OneTeam Leadership

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